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About Me

I'm 34 year old Industrial Psychologist who loves to make Youtube videos about the political landscape in South Africa.

I have been making Youtube videos since 2007 under the the nickname Rendier and have garnered 7 million views and currently have over 30,000 subscribers on Youtube.

I fuel my existence on sarcasm and facts. I see myself as a defender of common sense.
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  1. Hi Renaldo
    Firstly, thank you for all your great work you do for the community at the DA and on Youtube. All of you at the DA is great leaders. I admire you being straight forward and telling it as it straight on Youtube.
    If I may, can I please request a topic for you to talk about. It will be very interesting to listen to you and the message you can deliver on the following…………
    Mob Justice, community Justice and a few ‘’nice acceptable’’ names:

    The nicer words being used to justify the brutal, inhumane, soulless, heartless beatings and killings of humans (I would like to say people but the point is humans). One Person beating and killing another person is murder. A crowd of people beating and killing another person is giving a nice name Mob Justice, community justice and a few nice acceptable names. Murder is murder and can’t be justified by giving it names that don’t sound like murder. YouTube is full of videos regarding this brutality.

    A few weeks ago, on Facebook was a post about this one guy raping a boy (I think a boy if I remember correct) from Eldorado Park JHB. The guy got dragged outside, dragged through the streets while the community and even young people kicking, hitting, throwing bricks at him. Lucky for this guy he survived and was arrested after the community got hold of him.

    The people on Facebook gave replies like, that’s great, he got what he deserved, they should have killed him and and and…. This is now more like Facebook Mob Justice and Facebook community Justice and no one in this post was part of this assault but the soulless and heartless feelings is the same as the people doing it. I get it, I understand why people feel the way they do, I understand they feel the law and police is not on our side, I understand because I am a South African born citizen and crime also took stuff from me (More than ones).
    The latest Facebook post is about 2 young white boys that tried to brake in and stole some stuff (We won’t know if that is the full story). They got brutally beaten by contractors, (No racism intended) but the contractors are black and this is 2 young white boys. The one boy said that the contractors chased them and they were hiding in the house. On the first Facebook post regarding the guy from Eldorado Park JHB, I expressed myself by saying…. I am 100% against crime and criminals and they should get caught and locked up but I am also 100% against crowd killings and Mob Justice. If the community feels the Police can’t help them and the community catch a criminal then they should do a community arrest and make sure this criminal is being locked up. I will never be part of a crowd that kills another human, I don’t want to lose my soul and humanity by doing that. I also explained that if people are so fast to say things like ‘’ that’s great, he got what he deserved, they should have killed him’’ and they support this brutality then one day we are going regret what we said. Not standing against this and supporting this can lead that Mob Justice will flow over from the township community to our communities.
    What happened with these 2 young white boys in the latest Facebook post is what I tried to explain what can happen. Why did a group of MEN brutally assaulted 2 young boys and not just catch them and called the police? Because they get away with it by giving it a nicer name ‘’Community Justice’’. The contractors will also get away this because they are used being part of things like this and part of the community supports it.

    One of the boys is fighting for his life right now. I can’t deliver a proper clear message to other people to make them understand but I think you can do a great job getting the right message out. Thank you for taking the time reading my mail and keep up the great work.

    Gideon F Viljoen

  2. Have you seen this BBC article?