The "Racist" Graduation Incident

On the 3rd of April 2019, a graduate at the University of Johannesburg decided to take his opportunity during the graduation ceremony to grandstand instead of providing his colleagues with a fair opportunity to enjoy their day.

As he went onto the stage he refused to receive his degree by a white professor. He then started to insult the Professor and called him a racist as well as physically attacking the professor. As you can imagine the whole graduation ceremony turned sour.

My latest video talks on this idiot as well as why he REALLY was upset. Be sure to share this video far and wide!

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  1. The Student Should have Dealt with this long ago. It would be interesting hearing his Reasons.

  2. Fucking chip on his shoulders like all losers have.

  3. I have to agree with your summing up of the matter he will never take any responsibility ...what a dick head

  4. This black dude is completely stupid and arrogant. Just like them to make everything a race issue....just because he is not good enough for the Honours program