We need to support this young man!

Earlier today whilst the EFF was having a rally at the University of the Free State a young man decided that enough was enough. Instead of confronting the EFF students he decided to clean up after them. However, after seeing what he was doing they decided to mock and belittle him by throwing the garbage out that he threw into the bin.

Needless to say, there has been a massive amount of support for this young student who has now been identified as Eckhard Binding. He is a student at the university. Many people have asked for his details so that they can contribute to his studies and reward him for his bravery and willingness to stand up and defy the trend that was set by the EFF students.

My latest video talks on this topic and in the description of my video I post a link where you can reach him to donate to assist him with his studies. Be sure to do so as we need more South Africans like him that is willing to fight the good fight!

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  1. This young man, with no aggression, carried on picking up the rubbish as they belittled him. A an amazing display of respect for his Country. I salute the young man.

  2. Hi Renaldo. If you get in touch with Eckhard's and get his bank details I will contribute a little to his studies. Cheers

  3. The protest at the university was against the unfair treatment of the university's maintenance staff. That's what they were protesting about. Eckhard Binding, a member of the racist AfriForum, was there to show that he was against the protest, what it was about, and the protestors themselves. By what he did, he made a statement that he is against the fair treatment of maintenance workers. He's no fucking hero. He's a vile racist who wants to see the status quo maintained. Anyone who fails to see this is a racist themselves.

  4. We are going to expos you. You just wait for it. We know all about you, racist pig.