The EFF is threatening old people at Huis Davidtz

Over the past couple of days, the EFF has lead disgruntled employees of Huis Davidtz in Pretoria to protest outside the old age home. Not only are they burning tires and acting in a violent manner but they are also preventing access to the old age home so that the old people can be fed and cleaned.

It's quite unfortunate that the EFF is using employees of Huis Davidtz to send a political message. Whilst they are doing this there are old people suffering. Old people who haven't been fed for days and who are sitting in their own filth whilst these employees sing songs about killing them.

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  1. Again the difference between white and black. You will NEVER see "unhappy" white people act like "demonic hooligans" threatening to kill or rape or damage etc !!! The specie will never change it is in their genes.

  2. 8 March 2019
    Huis Davidtsz to close temporarily, elderly rehomed due to ongoing strikes

    House Davidtsz, the home for elderly people in Pretoria’s inner city that has been suffering from crippling strikes by workers for almost a year, will be temporarily vacated with immediate effect.

    Hannes Noëth, managing director of Solidarity Helping Hand, said on Friday that the Huis Davidtsz Board of Control made a joined decision with the Gauteng Department of Health and Department of Social Development to temporarily suspend the service at Huis Davidtsz and to rehome the elderly at old age homes of their choice.

    Tension broke out at the home again last week after workers downed tools again. They claim there are inconsistencies with their unemployment and pension funds, as well as employment contracts. However, Leonora Strydom, the home's manager for the past 43 years, claims that all her documentation is in place and that the problems at the home might have been caused by political interference or problems at state institutions, such as the UIF.

    The Huis Davidtsz Board of Control and representatives of the Departments of Health and Social Development held an urgent meeting with some of the home's relatives on Friday morning and confirmed at the meeting that the home would be temporarily vacated until the situation with the workers was resolved.

    The board explained to the relatives the options and processes to follow regarding the evacuation. They also undertook to assist the families through this time. Nearly 11 homes and institutions in and around Pretoria have been identified where the residents can be moved to. The Board has asked the family members to help find a suitable home for their loved ones that meet their physical and financial requirements or to temporarily house their loved ones in their homes. The Department of Social Development will move residents who do not have relatives. The Department of Health has undertaken to make sure that every resident be examined by a physician who will comply medical documentation that will be handed over to the resident's new place of care. This department will also ensure that residents with special needs are taken to their new destination with special ambulances.

    Strydom and Cas Weber, a board member of Huis Davidtsz, stressed at the meeting that the decision was not taken lightly, but they had no other choice as the elderly's well-being was compromised by the strikers' actions.

    Strydom has undertaken to assist all the family members who experience trouble and said she will continuously communicate with the relatives about the process.

    Strydom also undertook to deal with the situation with the workers as soon as possible. Weber said, if successful, Huis Davidtsz's building will be properly refurbished before opening its doors again. There is also the possibility to move the home to another area in the city or shut it down permanently.

    "Helping Hand welcomes this decision and will continue to monitor the situation," said Noëth after the announcement.
    “Since the tension began last year in March, Helping Hand assisted where we can to care after the elderly. Striking staff members left the most vulnerable to their own devices and used them as bargaining tools for labour issues. This can’t and won’t be tolerated. We are pleased that the two departments and the Board of Control could find a way out of the situation that sets the welfare of the elderly first and we thank them for it,” Noëth added.