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Hoërskool Driehoek Tragedy Exploited by Racists

Tragedy struck a high school in Vanderbijlpark as a walkway collapsed killing 4 pupils and injuring more than 26 others. The death toll is expected to increase as some of the students are in critical condition in hospital.

Hoërskool Driehoek has been trending on social media for most of the day as people were absolutely shocked at this event. Unfortunately, some people thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the death of these pupils as they assumed the school was a "white school" and therefore assumed that all the victims would be white.

One of these cretin is none other than Lindsay Maasdorp, which as you know by now, is the national spokesperson of BLF (Black First Land First). He posted the following tweet:

My latest video shares some of the terrible comments made. Be sure to share this far and wide so that we can get these sick twisted human beings removed from social media.

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  1. this is nothing new..many years ago, a bus fell into a dam and many school children died. in the cemeterz buried them together in one area. tombstones were erected, some time later, some vandals came in and destroyed the grave stones of all the children. cemetery vandalism, is now a big problem here in s a. i am purposely not mentioning the name of the cemetery.

  2. These disgusting racists will get what's coming... no-one will do anything to them, however there is a bitch called Karma, who does not sleep. They will swallow their racist words and will feel sorry for ever uttering them. With the same rath that they hate white people, will Karma meet them. May God protect us and send His angels to guard our loved ones. Satan is rife and his evil influence is everywhere.