Zuma and Lungisa high on ANC LIST OF MP/MPL's

Various media houses have reported that they have seen the ANC"s lists for Parliament and Provincial Legislature. Many of these news agencies have released the list to the public. Two names appear on the list high enough that they will go to Parliament after the 2019 elections.

These two lovely individuals are Jacob Zuma and Andile Lungisa.

The one was the president of South Africa and got caught selling our country to an Indian Family. He also made various decisions that benefitted him and his family whilst the rest of South Africa was left out in the cold. He tried to capture the state and, to a big extent, succeeded. The Zuma Presidency pushed the economy back by 20 years according to many economists.

Andile Lungisa is another fantastic example of cadre deployment. Andile has been found guilty of assault with the intent to do Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH). His sentence was 3 years direct imprisonment but unfortunately, he is still walking around freely because he is appealing the judgement. Now, this is also the same Andile Lungisa that used over R2,500.000 from NYDA to bring down R-Kelly for a concert. The event never happened and none of the money was returned. Strangely enough, the money ended up in his private bank account.

So there you have it... two of the most questionable characters in South Africa manages to still place high enough for positions in parliament, on an ANC ticket, that will allow them to earn R95,000 a month. Clearly, the ANC does not care about the alleged corruption of Zuma or the court verdict that has found against Andile Lungisa.

How can you possibly believe the ANC when they say there is a "A New Dawn" under Cyril Ramaphosa but yet allow people like this to place high enough to return to the highest decision making body in the country. It is clear that the ANC is all talk but no action. If they actually wanted to sell us on how they have gone from their corrupt ways the most obvious thing to do would be to remove any questionable people in the organisation, the biggest of which is Jacob Zuma, Andile Lungisa and Batlamini Dlamini

The ANC will never change, they have made too much money and their members have enough dirt on each other to keep the corrupt politicians from being removed or fired. Cyril Ramaphosa has clearly shown this by keeping absolutely useless Ministers in their positions.

What do you think about the fact that Zuma and Lungisa placed high enough on the list to make it to parliament after the 2019 elections? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know.
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