The Silence by the ANC and EFF is deafening on the BLF matter

Evil prevails, when good men do nothing

The reason I used this specific quote is that after the media eventually woke up 48 hours later and started reporting on the blatant hate speech by the BLF leader, Andile Mnxgitama, it, unfortunately, has not had the desired outcome that most South Africans were hoping for... this, of course, is the LACK of the governments absolute condemnation of the words uttered and that a complaint will be laid against BLF and its leader, Andile Mnxgitama.

So as it stands right now, the government of South Africa, which is the ANC government, has not condemned him for his utterances, nor has the president made a statement in which he condemns what was said by BLF and its leader. This means that 249 ANC Members of Parliament and Thousands of ANC Councillors have not ONE condemned the actions of BLF and its leader, Andile Mnxgitama.

I have to admit that I find the ANC's lack of responding on this topic as highly problematic. After all, this is the same organisation that has time and time again condemned individuals for hate speech, more specifically white people that made hate speech statements.

It is quite clear that the ANC can tolerate hate speech and the incitement to imminent violence as long as it's black on white. Because if it was white on black the guilty party would already be in jail right now awaiting trial.

It truly is unfortunate that we have a government that does not care to hold everybody to the same standard when it comes to racism in South Africa. The same applies to Mainstream Media. This event took place on the 8th of December 2018 and after social media melted over did they only take note and eventually wrote small articles on the topic,,, this being 48 hours after the incident happened.

So now my question stands... if this was a white individual inciting racial hatred and called for violence. Would he currently be free or would he have been arrested already? I think we all know the answer to this question and that is what clearly indicates the double standards that exist when it comes to racism and hate speech laws in South Africa.

I will conclude by saying that we need to start standing up and say "Enough is Enough". We need to start taking responsibility and hold these individuals responsible when they spew their racist drivel. We simply cannot sit idly by and wait for the next big racial and hateful tirade to arrive.

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  1. Im currently living in the UK and have for the past 12 years. The more I hear about what is happening and the responses makes me want to cry. It will always be home but it seems that the old mentality, friendliness and love i remember seem to have disintegrated and hatred is winning.