My opinion on Jerm being attacked by the FAR left Media.

2018 has been a very interesting year in South Africa. Not only have we seen the return of loadshedding but we have also seen the rise of populism. The latter being far more dangerous to South Africa than any amount of load shedding.

Added to this you find that the media has now realised the error in their ways by splashing headlines and articles all over their pages to promote Julius Malema and the EFF. The monster they created is starting to bite back with some serious claims that journalists should be dealt with. This clearly has now turned the media against Malema and the EFF as you can see from the latest headlines and articles from Mainstream Media.

Another important thing that many people have also not noticed is the massive increase of virtue signalling, as well as the "We, are offended" crew starting to dominate social media spaces like Facebook and Twitter.

The most recent victim of this absolutely cancerous mentality is Jeremy Nell aka Jerm. If you don't know who Jerm is then you can check him out here: - He has been accused of being the vilest things known to man and before he realised companies distanced themselves from him... why you might ask? Well... because an anon twitter profile was offended by one of his cartoons and thus tagged the company in a tweet to ask them why they support a "racist" like Jerm.

I can go on and on but I would much rather leave you with a Live Show I did with Jerm in which we discuss everything that went down. Be sure to like, subscribe and leave a comment on the video if you enjoyed the interview.

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