The RG Show #001 - Michael Kliment

Renaldo Gouws | The RG Show #001 - Michael Kliment

Welcome to the very first episode of the RG Show and Daaaaaamn do I have an amazing guest on the show for you today, If you didn’t know any better you would say that his life is straight out of a Jason Bourne Movie… Let me explain why I say this… My guest for this episode was on Interpol’s Watch List under a Red Notice alert… which in case you didn’t know, is the highest alert on Interpol.

This alert is usually reserved for terrorists and serial killers. He made it on the list for being an international kidnapper. He is a two time Karate World champion and has been mastering the art for 36 years. He was the youngest 7th dan black belt in the world.

He came from nothing and is now a multi millionare.and if all of these things weren’t enough, he recently agreed to a book deal and movie deal with major international companies.

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